Spotlight on Elderlaw: Understanding Medicaid Eligibility

by Nancy J. Brady, Esq., Partner Brady & Marshak, LLP Attorneys at Law In order to be eligible for government benefits, known as Medicaid, to pay for one’s care in a nursing home, generally speaking, he or she cannot have transferred assets or property within the five years immediately prior to nursing home confinement. Congress […]

Debunking Estate Planning Myths

by Alexander Bader, Esq.   As practicing attorneys at Brady & Marshak, LLP, we commonly assist clients in meeting their estate planning goals.  We also have educational seminars for local communities regarding estate planning.  In engaging with clients, prospective clients and seminar attendees in such a manner, we consistently hear: “My neighbor told me…”; “My […]

The Importance of Proper Estate Administration

by Alexander Bader, Esq. There is no event more difficult in life than the loss of a loved one. Beyond the most important issues resulting from such a loss: the grieving, healing and honoring of the deceased, there are most often many practical steps to be completed to properly deal with all of the assets […]

Spotlight on Elderlaw: Real Estate at a Glance – Getting 100% value of your assets to your heirs without problems

by Linda Faith Marshak, Esq. Today’s article addresses the topic of Real Estate. The focus of this column is legal issues concerning seniors, and their loved ones. Many people own their homes. Ownership of homes and condominiums are evidenced by a document known as a deed and the ownership is of real property.  Cooperative ownership, […]

SPOTLIGHT ON ELDERLAW: Financing Long Term Care in New York

By Nancy J. Brady, RN, Esq., Partner, Brady & Marshak, LLP Attorneys at Law   Many people who come to our office for a consultation express concern about their advanced years, and how they will finance long term care, such as home care or nursing home care. Surprisingly few people have done advance planning to […]

SPOTLIGHT ON ELDERLAW: Planning for Long Term Care

By Alexander Bader, Esq.   Many people mistakenly believe that Medicare, Medicare supplement policies, and/or other health insurance plans will cover the cost of long-term care for a chronic condition. While these plans provide benefits to help pay for hospital care and physician services, they provide very limited payment for the cost of long-term care […]

BOOM! Important Changes to the New York Estate and Gift Tax Laws

By, Deidre M. Baker, Esq.   In March of 2014, New York State enacted legislation, Chapter 59, which resulted in significant changes to the state’s estate and gift tax laws. These changes were important because they had a potential effect on estate plans already in place and estate planning moving forward. Effective April 1, 2016 […]

Spotlight on Elderlaw: Legal Planning for Women

By Nancy J. Brady, RN, Esq.   Despite the fact that we are well into the 21st Century, and women have made significant advances socially and economically, women’s planning for major life events and retirement has not generally kept up with those advances.   Well established statistics show that most women outlive their spouses (80%). […]


By Nancy J. Brady, RN, Esq., Partner Brady & Marshak, LLP, Attorneys at Law   At Brady & Marshak, LLP, our practice if focused on the legal issues of “middle class” New York residents. Many of our clients are homeowners and have reasons to protect the value of their home, which is often their most […]

Financing Home Care Services with Medical Assistance Benefits

By: Nancy J. Brady, RN, Esq., and Deidre M. Baker, Esq.   Home care services with home attendants around for part or all of the day enables many to remain in their homes, thereby avoiding placement in a facility. These services can be critical for elderly individuals who have children that live out of state […]