By Alexander Bader, Esq.   As Elder Law and Estate Planning attorneys, we often provide legal advice to our clients centered on proper steps to take with regards to their assets to meet their estate planning goals.  Two most common such estate planning goals are: (1) ensuring the asset can be properly managed should the […]


by Nancy J. Brady, RN, Esq., Partner, Brady & Marshak, LLP Estate planning is a general term which most often refers to planning for how one’s property and assets will pass to one’s survivors. Lawyers who practice in the area of estate planning also have an eye towards planning for clients’ incapacity during life, as […]

Spotlight on Elderlaw: Top Ten Reasons to do Estate Planning at Every Age

By Nancy J. Brady, RN, Esq. As most people know, a Last Will and Testament is a document, prepared by an attorney, to serve as evidence of one’s last wishes regarding how assets and belongings should be distributed after the individual passes away. Most people think Wills are only for the elderly.  Nothing could be […]

The Power and Value of a Having a “Power Of Attorney” in Place

by Alexander Bader, Esq. “Is there a valid Power of Attorney in place?” Should you, a family member, or a dear friend be faced with a health-related crisis, the answer to this question may be so very crucial. When someone contacts our office in the midst of facing such a crisis in regards to a […]

Spotlight on Elderlaw

by Nancy J. Brady. RN, Esq., Partner- Brady & Marshak, LLP Attorneys at Law Estate Planning is an area of legal planning concerned with having ownership of your assets with beneficiary designations that will most suit the client’s goals for preservation of hard earned savings and property throughout one’s life and after death. Elderlaw and […]

Spotlight on Elderlaw: Social Security and Medicare Benefits at a Glance

by Linda F. Marshak, Esq. Social Security is a retirement plan most for which most American workers are eligible. The Social Security System taxes employee’s wages throughout working years and credits are earned towards retirement benefits.  If you were born in 1929 or later, the requirement is to have 10 years of work which is […]

SPOTLIGHT ON ELDERLAW: ‘Tis the Season for Estate Planning

By Alexander Bader, Esq., Senior Associate Attorney, Brady & Marshak, LLP   For most of us there is no “convenient time” to discuss estate planning. Yet with the holiday season on the horizon there may be no better time to address the importance of having a proper estate plan in place.  Many of us spend […]

Spotlight on Elderlaw: The Importance of a Last Will and Testament

by Nancy J. Brady, RN, Esq. The focus of this column is legal issues concerning the elderly, and their loved ones. Today’s article addresses the topic of Wills.  Every adult should have a valid Will in place, regardless of age, as detailed below. A Last Will and Testament, commonly known as a “Will” is documentation […]

Spotlight on Elderlaw: Medicaid Benefits for Long Term Care for the Middle Class

By Nancy J. Brady, Esq., Partner, Brady & Marshak, LLP Attorneys at Law If you are 65 or older, or have been receiving social security disability for at least two years, you are by now aware of what Medicare is- the red, white and blue card that provides insurance for doctor’s visits, some costs of […]

Proper Planning with “Irrevocable” Trusts

by Alexander Bader, Esq. When a client comes to our office for an initial consultation the attorney that the client is meeting with will obtain information about the client’s family structure, asset picture and the client’s particular goals. Most often, a primary goal of our prospective clients is to “protect” their assets so that such […]